Saturday, August 31, 2019

Binh Pho workshop 2014

Having fun with Binh

My dragon vessel.
 I had a dragon vase (Still have it) but knew it wasn't finished.  I told Bin I wanted some clouds in the top right and rocks or mountain on bottom left and asked him his opinion.  In his usual way, he drew a couple panels and proceeded to draw his interpretation of clouds.  He then pierced the top right corner of that panel which I finished.  Never got an idea for rocks/mountain and will never get his thoughts on that as he passed from this life in 2017.  Thus this piece sits in my collection and maybe one day I will finish it off with my own idea.

 Pannel and Bihn's piercing. 
 I completed the panel. 
Not sure how to finish off the rock/mountain but hope one day to get inspired somehow and finish it off.

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