Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making Chips

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Boxelder Burl in spring.

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Birch Burl

Burch burl bowl sitting on top of a burl like the one it came from. Ended up as a wedding gift. Posted by Picasa

First Guiro

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Musical insturment I made out of birch. Posted by Picasa

4 Goblets with captive rings and Boxelder burl plate

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Spalted Maple

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Boxelder burl box with Cocobolo finial

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Bernard Bober

Finaly I have a picture of myself in my woodturning studio. Love making chips. Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Birch Burl Collection

All six from the same burl. The largest is about 11 inches in diameter and the smallest about 3 inches.
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Save the scraps.

Some little dishes made from the scraps.
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Nice Pair

Here are the two together. Posted by Picasa

Second Half of Beautiful Birch Burl

Second half of same burl I made the dish from. Isn't it a BEAUTY?!
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Beautiful Birch Burl dish

found this piece on Highway 55 north of Hudson Bay, SK
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