Saturday, August 31, 2019

Playing with color

2018 Saskatchewan Woodturning Symposium Demonstrators

Moly Winton, Graeme Priddle, Melissa Engler, Steven Kennard and Michael Hosaluk

Museum Display 2018 Hudson Bay, SK

Square Natural Edge Birch Bowl

Ready for some embellishments.

Michael Hosaluk workshop in Prince Albert in 2017

Items that were for sale at the Saskatchewan Craft Council in Saskatoon.

These 2 marbled bowls and flame vessel will be taken down and hopefully a few new items will be put up in their place.

More Flames

A couple more of my flame vessels.

Saskatchewan Woodturning Symposium 2016

 For the second Symposium in a row, I was asked to demonstrate in Regina Saskatchewan 2016 Woodturning Symposium  My two subjects was Turning Thin Hollow Form and Multi-Axis turning.
 Demonstrators, Paul Omilon, Chris Nakoneshny, Jaques Vesery, J.Paul Fennell, Cam Merkle, David Ellsworth and myself Bernie Bober.

 Thin Walled Hollow Vessel, photo by Trent Watts.
 My Multi-Axis candle stick holders.

My Flamed Vessel being critiqued by Cynthia Gibson at the 2014 Woodturning Symposium in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

This piece was entered in the 2015 Winter Festival in Prince Albert SK and I was graced with the Frank Sudol Memorial Award which included a nice vessel made by Debra Mcleod.

Binh Pho workshop 2014

Having fun with Binh

My dragon vessel.
 I had a dragon vase (Still have it) but knew it wasn't finished.  I told Bin I wanted some clouds in the top right and rocks or mountain on bottom left and asked him his opinion.  In his usual way, he drew a couple panels and proceeded to draw his interpretation of clouds.  He then pierced the top right corner of that panel which I finished.  Never got an idea for rocks/mountain and will never get his thoughts on that as he passed from this life in 2017.  Thus this piece sits in my collection and maybe one day I will finish it off with my own idea.

 Pannel and Bihn's piercing. 
 I completed the panel. 
Not sure how to finish off the rock/mountain but hope one day to get inspired somehow and finish it off.

Working on a vessel and hand drawing my flames and succession photos of the process.  This was done at Debra Mcleod's early 2014.  Always a good get together and time of creation and sharing ideas and techniques.  

Marylin Campbell class 2013 where I was introduced to epoxy.  Not really my thing but still good learning. 
Jimmy Clews class 2012
I made 2 of everything and still had time to make a custom tool handle which I had to flame up! Now I use that tool every time I am working at the lathe.  Was a fun time with great people.
Hugh Parker was instrumental in my beginnings as a wood-turner going back to 1990 when I was first introduced to it.  Many thanks to him for his instruction and lending me books and videos and got me on my feet.

Not sure if this needs more or not.  Suggestions?

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Hollow turning info.

My boring bar system for hollow turning made myself.

Taking shape.

Thin walled hollow vessel.