Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Turner!

A couple of pictures of a happy turner, go figgure all that birch burl to turn, who wouldn't be happy! No pun inteded in that last sentance by the way:)


I've started burning my turnings and flames and I go "WAY" back. Ask me and I'll enlighten you. Here are some of my first flames.


Learned to turn ladles this April and here are a couple I made from wild Ash which bends quite well.

Dyed and Limed Ash

It's been too long since I've added anything so here I go. I have had opportunity to turn some nice Ash. I took 2 pieces and tried coloring for the first time and am quite happy with the results. The first one I dyed Black and the other Oxblood-Red. I then applied a Liming wax which made the pourous grain stand out. Not bad for the fist time. Wich I had more Ash!